About me

BRONE SOFIJA GIDEIKAITEBronė Sofija Gideikaitė (born in 1977) studied at the Kaunas department of Vilnius Academy of Arts in 1999–2005. In 2009, the Academy gave her a Licentiate of Arts diploma in the field of fine arts.
The artist’s field of research is the specific “bureaucratic format”, resulting from the ”formal rationality” and a self-indicated symbiosis of the bias of cultural information in a bureaucratic system that presents culture.
The artist talks about bipolarity of hierarchical systems, where factors that support the systems co-exist with the ones that destroy them. In this discourse, the administrative function and logistics, as well as any official procedure or standard, become a work of art, i.e. the system that supports the creation of a work of art, is treated as a work of art itself.
The problematic of her art are based on the gradation of collective and personal cultural experience, as well the relation between aesthetically and social categories that build up the notional field of independent objects and installations.
In 2008, 2011, 2013, 2015, B. S. Gideikaitė received a grant from the Ministry of Culture of Lithuania. She has been participating in international exhibitions and biennials in Denmark, Hungary, Iran, Italy, Lithuania, Russia, Sweden, and Ukraine.
B. S. Gideikaitė has been doing historical research since the beginning of her artist`s career too. The most important research is recreation of the Lithuanian – Polish kingdom flag of the king Augustus the 2nd which is exhibited in Vytautas the Great Military Museum, Kaunas, Lithuania.

Name: Bronė Sofija
Surname: Gideikaitė
Nationality: Lithuanian

2007-2009 Vilnius Academy of Arts (VAA), Art Licentiate
2007 An internship at London printworks trust
2003-2005 VAA Kaunas Art Faculty, MA
1999-2003 VAA Kaunas Art Faculty, BA
2006-2009 VAA Kaunas Art Institute. Textile Department, Muitines str. 4, Kaunas, Lithuania
2008-2014 Klaipeda Culture Communication Center, Baznycių str. 4, LT-91246, Klaipeda, Lithuania. Deputy director for culture
2014 – present. Freelance artist
The recreated Lithuanian – Polish kingdom flag of Augustus the 2nd . The flag is exhibited in Vytautas the Great Military Museum, Kaunas, Lithuania
2008, 2011, 2013, 2016 Lithuanian state scholarship
2009 “The forgotten historical wartime flags of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania”, gallery “Studija”, Lithuania
2009 “The forgotten historical wartime flags of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania”, gallery “Kulturpolis”, Lithuania
2005 Kaunas art biennial TEXTILE05. „1000 stories“. Egles gallery, Lithuania
2015 Kaunas Biennial, Threads: Fantasmagoria about Distance, curated by Nicolas Bourriaud
– Contemporary art project “Remake”, Baltic Branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Kaliningrad, Russia
– Kaunas biennial “Unitext”, Kaunas, Lithuania
– Contemporary art project “What is Missing?”, KCCC, Klaipeda, Lithuania
– Art triennial “Nordic Art station” Eskilstuna Art museum, Eskilstuna, Sweden
– Contemporary art project „Reprise“, Tehran, Iran
– Contemporary art project „Aesthetics Vs. Information Vol. 2“, KCCC, Klaipeda
– 4 th Moscow art biennial, special projects, Moscow, Russia
– Lulea art biennial, Lulea, Sweden
– Contemporary textile project „Lietuva geriausia – 2“, Gallery „Zekh“, Kiev, Ukraine
– Media and performances festival „Balaklava Odissey“, Fortifications of Sevastopol, Ukraine
– “The passionate textile of Lithuania“, Mykolas Žilinskas Art Gallery, Lithuania
– “Millenium”, Kunstapakhuset, Ikast, Denmark
– “Art permanence rule”, Eskilstuna art museum, Eskilstuna, Sweden
– “Lithuanian Textile Abroad” European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium
– “Textile Kunst aus Litauen”, Dortmund Art Fair, Germany
– “Textile Kunst aus Litauen”, Frauenmuseum Bonn, Germany
– Art action “Art spoting” gallery “Kulturpolis”, Lithuania